Trip to Holley Ross Pottery

It was a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon, so Terri and I decided to visit Holly Ross Pottery in the Poconos. Although this is not to be meant as an advertisement, they do have some cool Fiesta ware at reduced prices. Worth the visit. But anyway, behind the store they have a cool walking trail leading to a picnic area and small lake. I had known about this so I had my camera and captured a few photos of the trail. A suspension bridge over a stream leads to the walking trail and the picnic area. Click on  Holley Ross Pottery to see additional photos. Enjoy.

Zebrafish has arrived !!!!



Zebrafish has arrived and is currently available at Borders (on-line and in store), Barnes and Noble (On-line and in-store coming), Target (on-line) and Wal-Mart (on-line). It’s a great read for the 9-12 age group and for a great cause (some of the book proceeds go to the Boston Children’s Hospital for leukemia research). The official book release date  was 5/4/10.