Watkins Glen Gorge

Here are some additional photos of our exploration of the Watkins Glen Gorge on July 4 2010.


 This water fall is called “Cavern Cascade”


 Kinda cool to be able to walk behind Cavern Cascade waterfall.





  “Rainbow Falls” which you can also walk behind.






Very difficult to capture the 3-D beauty of the Gorge with a 2-D photo, but here goes.

An amzaingly quiet spot just before getting to the 180 step “Jacob’s Ladder” which will take you to the top of the Gorge and a shady picnic area.

3 thoughts on “Watkins Glen Gorge”

  1. Hi Ron,

    Terri gave me the link to your blog. I love your photos. I’ve been to Watkins Glen a couple times, most recently last year. You really captured the awesome beauty of the gorge.

  2. Hi Ron,
    When I got out of college I moved to Ithaca and I thought those falls were amazing, but these are so much better and I never went over to Watkins Glen to see them. But then again, I was just out of college and that was so long ago the falls were probably still forming! Stunning work, keep it up.

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